The first glimpse of Baby Bolduc

The first glimpse of Baby Bolduc
My First Glimpse of Baby Bolduc

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Bolduc In January!

Well Baby Bolduc Here are some more pictures of you in January after your Mommy went to the doctor for her sonogram. She was so excited. We can see your hands, and 2 views of your side profile. What a precious little thing you are. We are all patiently waiting for the call that you are coming!

I got to see your mommy on this past Sunday and you have grown from Christmas. When we saw your Mommy at Christmas she was able to suck her tummy in and hide it...Now it is so beautiful to see her with her Belly and there is no hiding it, You are there and growing!

Grandma Sylvia is planning your Baby Shower and says it is going to be spectacular and from the previous one for Kyley....She is going to rock it! I love you Baby Bolduc and your appointed time by God to enter this world is drawing closer and closer. We will see you keep growing and maturing so you can see us all soon!

Love Aunt Lindsay

Friday, February 17, 2012

My first letter to Baby Bolduc

Dear Baby Bolduc,
I still Remember the day very clearly when I got the call from your mother. I sat frozen and just couldn't believe the words that I just had heard your mother say "I am pregnant". At that very moment I fell in love all over again. My neighbors thought that I was crazy..."Woo-hoo"  "Oh My God" and "Are you serious"? Such mixed emotions. I knew now what it felt like to be so over joyed, so happy, so free, and to be crying all at one time. I was doing the happy dance all day!

Your Mom and Dad waited for the right time to have you and I am so excited that you are on the way and I can't wait for you to be here! You are made by God, you are made in his image...Guess what Baby are beautiful. Auntie Lindsay Loves you! I cant wait to find out what he or she will call me!