The first glimpse of Baby Bolduc

The first glimpse of Baby Bolduc
My First Glimpse of Baby Bolduc

Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Pictures from Sweet Berry Farms!

With your cousins at Sweet Berry Farms
You look so cute here just laying in the Pumpkin Patch!!

Look at you!! Cuteness wrapped up in one little Bullfrog!

With your cousins, Grandma, Daddy, Mommy, and Aunt Stacy! 

When you look in the dictionary Jeremiah...this picture sits there! I love you Hunny!

Sweet Berry Farm Trip...Picking out your very 1st pumpkin!

Jeremiah....I think this is one of my favorite pics of you and your Mom...I always would get pics from your mommy with you and your Daddy...But being that she was always the picture taker...Not as many with you and Mommy...But I just love this one!! You got to Go to the Sweet Berry Farm Patch to pick out your first pumpkin!!

Being an Aunt has been one of the best experince's of my life that is amazing! You and your cousin Kyley make it so easy to be an Aunt!

This picture was taken in October and I am just sitting down to add to your baby blog...Shame on me Jeremiah!

But I sure do love you my little bullfrog! Today your mommy posted a picture of you on Facebook, and you were on your knees and hands...Looks like you will be crawling all around the house here pretty darn quick. You really got to slow down!!

Adam and I were talking the other day and we are wondering what your going to call me. We think it's either going to be "Winnie" "Winsie" or "Liny" I can't wait to find out what it is!! 

I love you Jeremiah and always remember...Your my little bullfrog!

Auntie Lindsay 
Sweet Berry Farm

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Father's love--4 Month Check up! Cowboy up!

Well my bullfrog, as you now in looking back and reading this you know what "getting your shots" mean. Its never fun to get shots no matter how old you are. Especially when they say.."would you like it in your right or left butt cheek" ....It's like really? Why cant you stick me in my arm...(I am not a fan of needles)...Call me a scardy cat =) This was your 4 month check up!

But judging by these 2 cute pics that your momma sent to didn't completely upset your day. Mommy said you were not to fussy or cranky..Momma said you were very tired though. I love these pictures of you and your Daddy. It melts my heart to see my brother grow up and start his own little family. "Whittle Cowboy" is the description your mom had under the picture of you and this humongeous hat that your daddy put on you. This moments between you and your daddy are PRICELESS!

I love you Jeremiah
Auntie Lindsay

Counting down the days for Jeremiah's first Halloween!

Jeremiah, I was sitting in my living room watching some football( who football..NEVER) and I asked your Mom for a new picture and your momma sent me some of the cutest pictures ever! Its almost Halloween and everyone is getting in the spirit, and yes my little bullfrog that means you too. I recently went shopping with your Mom for your costume and boy...the costumes are either really really big or they were very girlie...So I love what your mom picked out for you! You are going to look adorable in it! In the meantime of course your mommy has bought you other cute little hats to wear and this Jeremiah is my favorite pic for Halloween so far! If you look close enough you will see the little horns on your hat! You my bullfrog make the cutest little monster EVER!

I love you Jeremiah
Aunt Lindsay


Its has been way to long!

Ok. So I have been so go go...I havent updated Jeremiah's blog in a while. So I have alot of things to put up and write! Here it goes!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Weekend spent with your Mommy: Just the 3 of us!

Well Baby B I had an exciting weekend with your Mommy! I got to your house on Friday and we just ate dinner and relaxed with a little bit of TV watching. We got to get up on Saturday and enjoy our morning talking about you. It was a little sad on Saturday cause your mommy's goat Dribble died. She died because of old age, But it was a little sad/happy feeling because as Dribble passes away, you are coming to meet us soon and that is such an excitement. Brings such a new meaning to "Life". We went to Lunch in town on Saturday and a little bit of shopping where Mommy got you the cutest little outfit that says "Small Fry" And I can't wait for you to wear it! When we got back from in town, we worked in your room some more,cleaning the changing table, washing sheets and also hung stuff on the walls. We got to sit back in the evening and watch Auntie Lindsay's favorite movie right now "Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part 1" I know so childish of me! Was a great evening. Sunday we woke up and relaxed and chatted up a storm and then I got the kitchen baby ready and Mommy got all the blinds baby ready. It is so exciting.

Baby B, Mommy tells me that since I left Sunday she has been having False Contractions and is starting to feel you getting ready to say Hello to us. I think you miss Auntie Lindsay and just want me to come back! I love you and we literally are just waiting for you to come into this world. Love you Baby B

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby B..I love you. The Time for you to come meet Mommy and Daddy is getting closer!

Well Baby Bolduc...The time for you entering this world is drawing nearer...your Mommy and Daddy are ready for you to be here. What is exciting though is that I get to go stay the weekend with your Mommy while your Daddy goes and hauls some bulls. I get to see your baby room in person. Seeing it on Facebook is just not the same. It is so exciting to see you growing and seeing your Mommy's Tummy getting bigger and bigger. 

This last weekend on Saturday April 14th 2012 we had your Shower...It was a nice, low keyed event that everyone went away smiling from. We got to play the "Guess the Tummy Size" Game and Aunt Cheryl was the one that guessed the exact size of you in the belly! We thought for sure Aunt Debbie would guess it, she usually has the knack for it. I couldn't help but rub your Mommy's belly a few times and talk to you. Your Mommy probably thinks I am a little co-co..guess what..I am co-co for you! Knowing that you were in there and you were moving around alot during the shower brought all of us alot of joy. There were even a couple of time that you moved and we could see your foot sticking on the side of mommy's belly right facing. So cute.

Well Baby Bolduc, I love you so much and just can't wait for you to be here. It is going to mean alot of weekends out in Brigg's with your mama and papa so they can get some shut eye! Love you Baby B
Aunt Lindsay